This model of GMO antique is a 19c. wooden drum canteen which has been technically elaborated with a soda siphon head for making of carbonated water – soda water. The wooden drum canteen was made of Macedonian pine which today is a protected endangered tree species. The wood has a nice natural patina, the metal parts were hand wrought and rusty. The leather strap and the enamel plate marked number 10 are from the 1920s. The head of the siphon is from the 1960s. This GMO antique is in a working condition. There is a box with 10 pieces of CO2 chargers too. The GMO antique is 30 cm high, the canteen is 18 cm in diameter and 10 cm wide, circa 1.5 liters capacity. The model was made in 2011, signed and dated by the author – Evgeni Mateev, Bulgaria. We would like to remind you that the buying of the GMO antique may be an investment with a far greater yield than the one of the investment gold.
price: 1800.00 $