This GMOantique model is a spring barrel corkscrew upgraded with an amazing saber handle. The handle is from a Bulgarian Royal Officer saber from Kingdom Bulgaria by Ferdinand I (1908-18). The Guard is designed as a lion head - the symbol of the Bulgarian Nationality. The lion eyes are rubies. The Gard is made of bronse. It has a nice natural patina. The wooden handle is covered with black leather. The "blade" of this GMOantique is a spring barrel corkscrew with a pin attached to the shaft, which enables turning the spring barrel upward in the loose upper windings of the spring barrel. German registered design from 1904. Measures - 29 cm (long).  This GMOantique model is in great working order. You can impress your guests with the splendor of this amazing corkscrew. The model was made in 2012, signed and dated by the author – Evgeni  Mateev, Bulgaria. We would like to remind you that the buying of the GMOantique may be an investment with a far greater yield than the one of the investment gold.
price: 800.00 $