This GMOantique model is a hybrid of an antique copper cooker and a vintage microscope. The cooker was hand made by a Bulgarian craftsman in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. The design of the cooker is specific for that area, the Balkans. There is an eyepice monocular head mounted on the lid of the cooker. The microscope was made by the famous Carl Zeiss, Germany in the 1970s. The eypiece - ocular: 7x. Measures - 24 cm (high) 29 cm (diameter) monucular head 12.5 cm (long). This GMOantique model gives you the chance to have an unconventional look at your cooking food. Of course you will hardly be able to see something in the dark boiling cooker, but still the idea is important. You can cook in the presented cooker but that would be like watering your garden in your most expensive suit. The function of this GMOantique model is decorative which is as always subjected to the aesthetics. The model was made in 2012, signed and dated by the author – Evgeni Mateev, Bulgaria. We would like to remind you that the buying of the GMOantique may be an investment with a far greater yield than the one of the investment gold.
price: 1200.00 $