This model of GMO antique is a decanter made of vintage Coca Cola bottle produced in 1988 in Bulgaria. The glass has a nice greenish color. The bottle is thick and heavy so typical for its time. The inscriptions Coca Cola were written in Cyrillic and Latin and the inscription of trade mark below is in Cyrillic too. The metal parts were made of pewter in the sumptuous style of Art Nouveau in the late of the 19th century by the favorite in this field – WMF, Germany. The dimensions are: 11 x 6 x 24 cm. This GMO antique is in a working condition. You can enjoy the greatest soft drink in the world by using it. The model was made in 2011, signed and dated by the author – Evgeni Mateev, Bulgaria. We would like to remind you that the buying of the GMO antique may be an investment with a far greater yield than the one of the investment gold.
price: 1200.00 $