The components of this GMO antique come from one and the same age – the 1970s. The head of the hammer is undercut by its extremely huge usage. The wooden handle is covered with a nice natural patina. The dimensions are: 24 x 13 x 3.5 cm. The model demonstrates the elaboration of an ordinary tool in a practically impossible technically way. This GMO antique does not work, it has decorative functions. The hammer itself can be used as an ordinary tool, but it would be in a poor taste, because its place is in the center of your collection of your favorite works of modern art. The model was made in 2011, signed and dated by the author – Evgeni Mateev, Bulgaria. We would like to remind you that the buying of the GMO antique may be an investment with a far greater yield than the one of the investment gold.
price: 1600.00 $